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Valentines for Veterans
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15th-Feb-2011 12:46 am - Last ones sent
I sent these out to L. A. last Monday, and I hope they arrived in time. They were made by a friend of mine. 28 of them.

Did you wind up with enough for today? I hope so!
I sent these out last weekend, but am just getting around to posting here. Thank you for such a wonderful project!

"14" card

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24th-Jan-2011 11:44 pm - A few things
Parks and Rec - Leslie - Bun
I counted the cards I have received, and the total is currently at 94. This means that there are still a lot of cards needed to reach the goal of around 400 or so. So, if you had planned on making cards but weren't sure if they were needed, feel free to make as many as you want. I've also got a few friends coming over this weekend to make a ton of cards, and if you guys want to do the same with your friends, go ahead. It's super fun.

And on another note, please feel free to submit posts to this community with pictures or questions or whatever you want for this. Posts are moderated only so that we won't get tons of spam on friends lists and I'll approve your entries as soon as possible. :)

- Ande
24th-Jan-2011 11:21 pm - some pics of valentines I'm sending
I bought some stuff to make a few more today, but I finished these on the sewing machine last week.

20th-Dec-2010 01:19 am - Welcome!
Parks and Rec - Leslie - Bun
Livejournal has recently spotlighted this community, and new members have already started to join. And with new members, we will hopefully be able to meet our goal of having around 500 cards to deliver to the Los Angeles V.A. hospital on February 14th.

If you are new here, or even if you've been a member since the beginning, I'd like you to know that you are more than welcome to make posts to this community. Post pictures of the cards you are making or feel free to post with questions or help about making the cards and filling them out, or just ideas of how to decorate the cards you are making. I'm sure another member or two, or myself, will be able to answer any questions or help you out if you're stuck about hat to do with your cards.
28th-Oct-2010 11:31 am - Procedure
Parks and Rec - Leslie - Bun
Okay, so I've been in contact with the Volunteer director at the hospital for the past month or so, and she just sent me an email with this attached. Just a few things that she wants to make sure everyone follows.


• Make sure there are no full names, addresses or phone numbers
• Make sure there is no glitter or glue on card
• Make sure there are no photos enclosed in card

Other than that, everything else is fine, so have fun and make some awesome cards! :)
26th-Sep-2010 02:59 am - !Sign-Up Post
Parks and Rec - Leslie - Bun
For More Information about what this community is and how to participate, please see the profile.

Please leave a comment to this post if you would like to participate in Valentines for Veterans 2011 with the following information:

Number of cards you will be making:
Anything else you think I need to know:

Thank you for participating in this! It means a lot to me and the veterans in the hospital and your hard work is appreciated.
26th-Sep-2010 02:57 am - Questions or Comments?
Parks and Rec - Leslie - Bun
If you have any questions or comments about this community or about me feel free to ask them here. Comments are screened.
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