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Valentines for Veterans

Valentines For Veterans
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Our goal is to brighten the day of our former servicemen and women with a valentine.

valentines for veterans

Welcome to Valentines for Veterans. My name is Ande (fushiforever) and I am the one who is maintaning this community and also the one who will be delivering the Valentines that you make to the West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center where many Veterans reside. This is the second time that I have organized Valentines for Veterans, but the first time that I have done it on such a large scale. Last year, with my high school's Key Club, we were able to deliver 150 Valentines to the hospital, but that is not nearly enough for each resident to receive one. This year, however, I hope to achieve my goal of delivering a Valentine to each and every Veteran in the Los Angeles VA Hospital. But, to do this, I need your help. If you and your friends can send Valentines Day cards to me filled out for a veteran, I will deliver them to the hospital myself to make sure that they reach their destination on time and that each Veteran in this facility receive a card to brighten their day on February 14, 2011. Hopefully, if this is successful, next year this can be organized on an even grander scale with Valentines being delivered to each of the CA hosiptals in the United States.

So, what are you supposed to do with these cards? Send them to me at:

Valentines for Veterans
340 E. Harvard blvd.
Santa Paula, CA 93060

You don't have to be an accomplished artist to get creative and make Valentines for our nation's Veterans. Some thought and appreciation goes a long way to making a Veteran's day!

We ask that you:

-Try to not make any gender specific cards because there is no telling which veteran will get which card when they are delivered.
-Please do not include or attach any candy or chocolate with the Valentines.
-Try not to use materials that can easily break away from your Valentine. It is important that your Valentine remain as beautiful when the Veteran receives it as it did the moment it was made.
-If you'd like, tell the Veteran a little bit about yourself, for example, your name, age, or what school you attend, but please do not include addresses or phone numbers.
-Do not put your valentine in a sealed envelope.
-Remember to sign your valentine.

So, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

-Tell the Veteran why it's important, this year and every year, to celebrate those who served us in times of war.
-Include a message to the Veteran, telling him/her the reason why you want to wish him/her a Happy Valentine's Day. Greetings often thank the Veteran for their service to the United States, their sacrifice, and their commitment to our country and our citizens.
-Include a poem in the Valentine. The poem can be an original or one of significance to Valentine's Day or to Veterans, for example, "In Flanders Field".
-You can choose to send in a store-bought Valentine, but hand-crafted cards add a nice personal touch and are extra special to Veterans.
-Valentines of all shapes, sizes, and colours are welcome. But, Valentines that are a greeting-card size are easy to package and distribute to the long-term care and other facilities where Veterans reside.
-Make decorating Valentines a fun thing to do by having a get-together with your friends and doing it together.

Message Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- Draw a Picture or Design
- Write a Poem (To see the different types of poems, this website is great)
- Decorate the card with stickers or other appliques

Here are some messages Veterans received in past years...

"Thank you for your bravery and courage. Without your courageous acts we may not be here today."
"Thank you for risking your life for my freedom. May God bless you all."
"I am sending you a special Valentine wish. I want to let you know how much you are appreciated, and that you are thought of often."
"A card made for someone special, who changed the world for the better; and for that you will always be loved, remembered, and treasured."
"For someone special, who's changed the world for the better; You are loved and appreciated and thought of often!"

(Parts of the above information were borrowed from the Veterans Affairs of Canada's website and modified to fit this comm.)

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